"Kingdom Daughters" by Nicole Rowan

A 30 day guide to encouragement & empowerment!

I wish that I could sit in your living room and speak these things over your life; Remind you that you are the daughter of the KING! Remind you that you are loved by the highest God and remind you that the Holy Spirit dwells in you. Most of all Iā€™d remind you that the gifts are not gender specific and whether you are a stay at home mom, student, coffee shop barista, sales representative, leading in the business world, working in ministry or searching for a job - YOU matter. My sister, you are important and you were born for such a time as this! I pray for the releasing of gifts and the freedom to use them. I also pray that after these 30 days you will feel encouraged, empowered and uplifted to walk in the fullness of Christ as he intended for you. 
Lets take a journey together, as Kingdom Daughters.